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Each year, the last week of April is Patient Experience Week. We love our patients, and we enjoy seeing you in our office each visit. And because we treasure our patients, this year we want write down the six big reasons that your patient experience is better with Dr. Fruchtman—straight from the eyes of our patients.

1. Dr. Fruchtman Is Great with Kids
Dr. Fruchtman is patient with a great sense of humor, and he knows how to make kids feel comfortable before, during, and after their eye exam. He understands that some of the equipment may look a little large and intimidating to children. Whether it’s your child’s first eye exam or he/she is a regular patient, and whether your child is quiet or chatty or somewhere in between, Dr. Fruchtman has a cheerful way of distracting children and providing a fun experience.

Plus, Dr. Fruchtman was voted by his patients as one of New Jersey’s 2020 Favorite Kids’ Docs, sponsored by New Jersey Family Magazine.

P.S. We’ve been told we have an amazing rubber tree in the office that is “to die for!”

2. Dr. Fruchtman Is Available the Same Day—and When You Have an Emergency
Dr. Fruchtman will be happy to see you the same day, and he has been known to take emergency phone calls after hours and on the weekends. His patients are his priority. One patient said that Dr. Fruchtman was a “calming and reassuring presence at an extremely stressful and frightening time” after experiencing an accidental injury.

3. Dr. Fruchtman Has a Patient Chairside Manner
Dr. Fruchtman is always professional, and his staff are welcoming to every patient who walks through our door. Whether you are nervous about making the switch to contact lenses, experiencing an eye issue, or just stopping in for your annual check-up, Dr. Fruchtman won’t rush through your visit. He takes the time to chat about what’s new in your life, to understand your concerns, and to answer all of your questions. Many of our patients have been with us for 10 years, 20 years, or more—and now bring their children for their eye care and vision needs.

4. Dr. Fruchtman’s Office Is Open on Sundays
Yes, you read that right. Dr. Fruchtman has regular Sunday hours. Seriously, who else can say that?

5. Dr. Fruchtman Speaks Spanish and Polish
Dr. Fruchtman ensures that he can provide personal vision care to the surrounding communities. He speaks some Spanish and Polish—and he may throw in a few words of some other languages too!

6. Dr. Fruchtman Cares and Has Your Best Interests at Heart
No matter your eye health or level of vision, Dr. Fruchtman cares about each patient and what they are experiencing. His goal is to help each person achieve the best vision possible. He takes the time to pay attention to the details, uncover the true cause of your issue, and help you leave the office better than when you came in. And his patients never feel rushed out the door.

One patient said, “For years, I have been wearing the wrong prescription. He was the first doctor to take the time to get it right.”

So, now that you know the six big reasons your patient experience is better with us…

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