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Glasses are an investment not only in preserving your eyesight, but also in how you look. No matter your age, and if it’s your first time being fitted for eyeglasses, you’ll want to take home some tips to keep your glasses in tip-top shape. This quick guide to glasses care gives you 12 reliable tips to keep your glasses safe at all times.

1. If they’re not on your face, put them in a case. Proper storage is the best way to prevent your glasses from getting dusty, scratched, bent or broken. The number one reason we replace glasses is due to carelessness. It’s easy to lose your glasses somewhere if you put them down and walk away. And accidents can and will happen. Place them on a table and they could get knocked off. Place them on the floor or sofa next to you and they’re almost guaranteed to get stepped on or sat on. Place them in a purse or bag unprotected and they’ll likely get crushed. Then you’re without glasses until we can get you a new prescription.
2. Rinse your glasses before cleaning. Even the smallest particles of dust of debris on your glasses can scratch the surface due to rubbing.
3. Rinse your glasses with water and a drop of dish detergent or specially formulated spray. Never use household cleaners, such as Windex, ammonia, bleach or vinegar on your glasses. Many household cleaners are ammonia based and can wear away the coating on your lenses.
4. Air dry your glasses or use a special lint-free cloth to dry. The least abrasive actions will extend the life of your glasses. Never use paper towels, rags, napkins, or facial tissue—no matter how soft you think it is. It’s best to use a microfiber cloth, handkerchief or a soft, cotton cloth.
5. Lay your glasses down on their frames. Never lay your glasses down with the lenses touching another surface. Even minor scratches can affect how you see.
6. Grip your glasses by the bridge. When cleaning and handling your glasses, always be sure to grip them by the bridge, and not by the frame. This will prevent you from accidentally bending or snapping your frames.
​7. Wash your glasses daily. Keeping your glasses clean will help prevent any buildup of residue or abrasions / scratches from minute dust or dirt.
8. Don’t spit or exhale on your glasses. It may be tempting when you need to clean your glasses in a hurry, but it’s simply not recommended.
9. Avoid leaving your glasses on a vanity or sink top. Residue from sprays can alter the coating on your lenses.
10. Don’t leave your glasses in a hot car. The extreme heat inside a vehicle in the summer could warp your frames or deteriorate any padding for the nose. Also, the windshield acts as a giant magnifying glass, which adds to the heat and exposure.
11. Don’t wear your glasses on your head. Placing your glasses on top of your head can cause the frames to stretch or become misaligned. Also, when putting your glasses on, use both hands for the same reason.
12. Invest in a second pair of glasses. Accidents happen, whether you’re a child or an adult. So, it’s always a good idea to purchase a backup set of glasses with each prescription. If your everyday pair of eyeglasses gets damaged, you won’t find yourself without your glasses for days.

Proper glasses care will keep your eyeglasses in top shape for a long time.
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