The doctors performs all eye exams and contact lens fittings. We will take the time to help you choose the best contact lenses for your needs. And will teach you how to properly and comfortably insert your contact lenses.

A contact lens fitting is different than a normal eye exam, and your fitting will take place in three easy steps.

Step 1
During your initial appointment, Dr. Fruchtman O.D. will evaluate your eye health and consider any issues related to contacts. Than he will select a lens that matches the curve of your eyes, along with the proper thickness and diameter to suit your particular needs. Very often, we will have the type of contact lense you need in the office. However, if we don’t, we will place your order for trial lenses and schedule your next appointment. You can expect your prescription trial contact lenses to arrive within a few days of your first visit.

Step 2
Once your trial contact lenses arrive, we will fit them to your eye. All patients who have a new fitting will also receive complete instructions on the insertion and removal of their contact lenses. Plus, you will also receive a starter solution kit. We’ll give you detailed instructions for cleaning, storing, and handling your contacts. Then a follow-up visit will be scheduled.

Step 3
We’ll plan a very important follow-up visit, usually about one week after your contact lens fitting. We will take the time to see how you are responding to wearing your contact lenses. We will examine how well your contact lenses fit the surface of your eyes and determine if they are causing any irritation. During this visit, we will also review the care and cleaning of your contact lenses. This follow-up visit is essential in order to avoid exposure to bacteria and infections, so we highly encourage you not to skip it.

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